Barrientos Design New Student Hires

Meet the three new student hires on the Barrientos Design team and learn about their experience working for our architecture firm!

Abraham Ramirez

Barrientos Design Intern

Meet Abraham Ramirez, a student at the University of Michigan’s School of Architecture, Taubman College, who just completed a one-week internship with our firm.

Q: What year of schooling are you in?
A: I’m in the first year of my Master’s program getting my Master’s of architecture degree.

Q: When will you graduate?
A: May of 2023.

Q: How would you describe your one-week internship at Barrientos Design?
A: It went smoothly. I like that it’s a small firm so I was able to talk to everyone individually and get to know them. I learned how the firm operates, met with clients, and went over projects. These “every day” aspects of working at an architecture firm were exactly what I wanted to see, as they don’t get glamorized in school but are very important.

Q: What did you like best about working at Barrientos Design?
A: The people. It’s a tight-knit group, and since it’s a small firm, I got to form a great connection with everyone. I also got to work and share experiences with other students who are participating in internships.

Q: How will this experience fit in with your future goals?
A: I don’t know if I want to work at a smaller firm or a larger firm. This internship gave me great experience with a smaller firm. Next, I hope to try working at a larger firm so I can have experienced both settings.

Joshua Koch

Architectural Designer

Joshua Koch is an Architectural Designer at Barrientos Design and an Architectural Studies student at UWM.

Q: When do you graduate from UWM?
A: I graduate in May of this year.

Q: What are your goals for after graduation?
A: I want to get more work experience and continue to build my interests in the architectural field.

Q: You completed an internship with Barrientos Design before officially becoming an employee. What inspired you to continue working with us?
A: I learned so much and liked being involved with so many different facets of the design process.

Q: What do you like best about working at Barrientos Design?
A: I like the collaboration. We’re all involved in every piece of every project.

Q: What would you tell someone who was considering an internship with us?
A: Barrientos Design is a great small company where you are able to get valuable experience in the field.

Isabelle Jardas

Isabelle Jardas

Architectural Designer

Meet Isabelle Jardas, an Architectural Designer at Barrientos Design and a student studying architecture at UW-Milwaukee.

Q: How long have you worked at Barrientos Design?
A: Just over 2 months.

Q: When do you graduate, and what are your goals for after graduation?
A: I graduate in winter, 2022, and hope to work as an architect in a firm when I graduate.

Q: What do you like best about working with Barrientos Design?
A: I really like that the team is willing to teach me. I didn’t come in with much knowledge of one of the main programs we used, but the team really helped me learn it instead of telling me to go figure it out on my own. I really like the programming we do. It’s unique that we work for cities and do site planning, which is something that not a lot of other firms do.

Q: What is your favorite client project you’ve worked on so far?
A: So far, my favorite project is the South Milwaukee site planning work we’re doing.

Q: How does your experience with Barrientos Design fit with your future goals?
A: I used to work at a city hall, and now cities are my main clients. If I decide to stay in this area of architecture, I’m being set up really well for continuing this path. My experience at Barrientos Design is also preparing me for real-life architecture work experience we don’t get from school, such as learning construction documents and project management.

Q: What would you say to other students considering a role with Barrientos Design?
A: I would tell them to do it because it’s really helpful and you learn a lot!

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