Completed Project: Pepin Highway Garage

We're excited to announce the completion of our latest project: the Pepin Highway Garage in Durand, WI

An aerial drone was perfect for capturing an overall view of our latest garage project, the Pepin Garage in Durand, Wisconsin, located about 45 minutes from Eau Claire. The height elevation allows you to see the full complexity of the building and site facilities.

Pepin Highway Garage
Pepin Highway Garage

When we design garage complexes, the overall site layout drives the building plan and our eventual architectural design.

The exterior of the Pepin building is composed of durable, pre-cast concrete panels which are subtly toned in varying textures and colors. To make a statement with the entry, we used metal panels and concrete pylons to reflect the County’s role in transportation maintenance and their civic commitment to good architecture.

We worked closely with the shop floor team to gain a deep understanding of how they repair, park, and equip their vehicles throughout the seasons.

Our close collaboration with the Pepin team allowed us to design this garage to be specifically tailored to their level of service, the needs of their staff, and the size of their community.

Pepin County is now the proud owner and operator of this new county highway garage, and they are happy to be able to house all their staff, equipment, and vehicles under one roof!