New Clients – December 2022


As the year comes to a close, we are excited to announce project work with two amazing new clients.

Wisconsin Dells, WI

Apartment Complex

Back in 2019, we were hired by Luis and Veronica Martinez to expand their restaurant, San Antonio, in the Wisconsin Dells.
Now that they have successfully opened and and managed the newly renovated restaurant, the Martinezes have retained us again to develop a new project in the Wisconsin Dells. This time, they have purchased a large parcel near downtown with the intent to develop an apartment building.
Our initial designs are looking at 60 apartment units over 3 floors along with common area amenities such as an exercise room, library, rentable lounge, and outdoor play equipment.

Barrientos team members Neil Bierwirth and Joshua Koch review unit plans while the Martinezes provide their vision for the new apartment complex.

Shorewood, WI

Village of Shorewood Department of Public Works Facility

We’re excited to be kicking off a new project, the Village of Shorewood’s Department of Public Works facility! This fully-urbanized suburb of Milwaukee is full of history and historical buildings that give the Village its unique charm. The existing DPW facility is located in a series of brick buildings dated from 1910 and they are imbued with old-world masonry work.
The yard is located adjacent to Milwaukee’s most-utilized bike trail, the Oak Leaf Trail system, and plenty of recreationists pass by the facility daily.
The challenge will be creating a new facility that incorporates the beauty of the old architecture, where salvageable, but also modernizes their DPW operations. Stay tuned for updates on this groundbreaking project!
Village of Shorewood Public Works Facility Project

The Village of Shorewood’s existing DPW facility