7 Design Principles of Highly Effective Garages

7 Design Principles of Highly Effective Fleet Garages

Presented at PWX 2022 by Norman Barrientos, President & Principal Architect at Barrientos Design & Jeff Tews, CPFP, Retired City of Milwaukee Fleet Operations Fleet Services Manager

Norman Barrientos partnered with Jeff Tews to present “7 Design Habits of Highly Effective Garages: A Combined View from a Fleet Manager and an Architect” at the Public Works Expo in Charlotte, North Carolina over the summer.

The session provided public works professionals with a robust methodology for rationalizing and justifying the design criteria for their garage projects, allowing them to move forward with a compelling rationale for budget approval.

Read on for a brief overview of the 7 design principles outlined in this notable presentation!

1. Robustly Defined Facility Program

Elements of a Robustly Defined Facility Program

2. Workflow Efficiency

A facility that enhances and supports the daily operations of garages includes:

  • Logical sequence of activities
  • Proper location of equipment
  • Direct movement through building and yard
  • Sufficient space for equipment, inventory, and staff
  • Proper circulation, clearances, and heights
Wash Bay Diagram

3. Productivity & Safety

Increase work output and worker safety with:

  • Equipment that leverages their output
  • Technology deployment
  • Safe work environments
  • Ergonomic supportive workstations
  • Healthy and safe environments
Jefferson County Highway Garage

4. Asset Control & Security

Maintain, track, preserve & distribute equipment & bulk assets on site with defined areas for:

  • Vendor loading
  • Receiving $ assembly
  • Stocking & shelving
  • Ordering & distribution
  • Tracking & monitoring
Polk County Highway Garage

5. Supervision & Communication

Support & enhance managerial communication, tracking, and information-gathering with:

  • Collaboration area for supervisors
  • Crew counters & assembly areas
  • View lines from offices to crew areas
  • Lines of sights to vendors & public
  • Open views, no blind-spots
Line of Sight

6. Performance & Sustainability

A building and yard that will last over 70 years and is environmentally sustainable through

  • Durability and impact resistance
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Sustainable principles
Sustainable HVAC Exhaust System

7. Future Trends Integration

Key garage building trends include:

  • Technology & equipment
  • Governmental & regulatory
  • Social & community
  • Pandemics & social distancing

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